Cipher Information

The cipher-info program describes the format and characteristics of one or more encrypted files. It also reports if the file is incomplete or corrupt. The information returned includes the file name, the protocol, the ID and length of the key, the cipher type, the cipher mode, the hash, ithe entropy type and level, and finally the chunksize and timestamp.

Example Usage

We list a few examples of the cipher-info command here to illustrate its usefulness and ease of use. To get started, lets identify a ciphertext file:

  cipher-info README.cip


Filename: README.cip
    type: AES
    mode: CTR
    nonce: 85b5546f57c760620000000000000000
    method: Secret
    hash: SHA256
    length: 512
    session: b69f10215a7b65043faa45443017a8fccacecdd04073d1b9895bdd3a5eb8ace1
  Entropy Generator:
    type: BZip
    level: 6
  Keyed-Hashed Message Authentication Code:
    hash: SHA256
  Random Generator:
    hash: SHA256
  Chunksize: 8kb
    modify: 2009-01-19T20:41:19-05:00
    create: 2009-01-23T15:10:47-05:00
    timestamp: 2009-01-23T15:13:44-05:00
  Protocol: 1.0
  Version: WizardsToolkit 1.0.6 01/23/08

Option Summary

The cipher-info command recognizes these options. Click on an option to get more details about how that option works.

Option Description
-debug events display copious debugging information
-help print program options
-log format format of debugging information
-version print version information